The Revolution Towards Recycled Fashion

On the 5th February, Royal Holloway’s Fashion Society hosted ‘The Revolution Towards Recycled Fashion’ event. It was a huge success and something I am proud I was a part of. We wanted to do an event like this for a while, so to see it happen and be as successful as it was, was really exciting. The event included a catwalk and pop-up shop, so the audience had the opportunity to buy the clothes that were showcased in the catwalk. Any clothes that were not bought were donated to charity shops.

We started to collect donations from students and after the collection days, we had gathered A LOT of clothes to work with. We had our models, make-up artists, and hairstylists, but all we needed now were the outfits. We wanted our models to feel comfortable in what they were wearing, so we laid out the donated clothes and let their imagination put together the outfits. This creative process was a highlight for me, seeing these clothes given a new lease of life because of a group of young, imaginative students. To create a more sophisticated show, we chose to imitate the Vogue SS19 Trends. This made the creative process more challenging, but we succeeded in creating outfits that fitted these trends. I am so proud of everyone who took part in the whole process and I had so much fun promoting the event and modelling.

Thank you to the society’s we collaborated with and everyone who took part that made this event possible. I’m so glad all the work paid off and can’t wait to see what the Society gets up to after I graduate.

RHUL Fashion Society Instagram: @rhul_fashion

S x

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