Brand Watch: Adidas

‘This is the turning point for plastic. To minimise waste and multiply the lives of our materials, we are moving towards circular systems of recycling and regeneration. One thing can become the next. The end can be the beginning.’ – Adidas.

Adidas’ ‘Futurecraft Loop’ trainer has been the talk of Twitter over the past few days. Their promotional video has gone viral across social media, but this isn’t the first time that Adidas has been eco-conscious in their creation of new pieces.

In 2015, the executive of ADIDAS, Eric Liedtke, decided to create a collection made from recycled plastic. Adidas Parley was a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an organisation battling against the environmental threats our oceans face. This line sparked a project by the company, eliminating new plastic and using recycled and sustainable materials in their products, with Liedtke stating that he wishes to ‘end the concept of waste entirely.’ This is the kind of talk we need to hear and the steps we need to take in order to make a change. The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global water waste, according to Edge Fashion Intelligence, with consumers throwing away 70 pounds each when it can be recycled. Consumers need to be made aware that their clothes can be recycled, and Adidas’ process of recycling the shoes themselves is genius. They have thought about every detail, even having the sole and upper fused together rather than glued. There’s more information about the shoe on their website, click here.

2015 was the hottest year on record, with droughts and heatwaves threatening not only our eco-system but us as well. Each year has only got hotter, and the effects have become clearer and more alarming. The innovation and creativity of Adidas’ 2015 campaign triggered them to change their production, creating a chain of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Their fight to create a world with zero plastic waste is a fight we all need to be a part of. Adidas has taken the first step in a very long journey, but the creation of the ‘Futurecraft Loop’ is one that changes the fashion game.

I don’t only want to highlight the issues the fashion industry must fight against, but also put a spotlight on those that are taking steps to a more sustainable future. The promotional video with Willow Smith is another step to really engage with more than just their consumers but highlight to everyone that there are ways to consume fashion and be guilt-free. Like Willow says in the video, we have to open our eyes to the endless possibilities, creating a cycle that isn’t harmful to our planet. We have the power to do it, so let’s do it now.

‘The Future is about giving back.’

S x

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