Influencers and Fast Fashion

Fashion influencers are changing the way the industry operates. Social media has become the main way to influence and promote products, but it is constantly evolving and brands have to keep up with the ever-changing strategies.

Social media has become the main way for Fast Fashion brands to promote their products, and this is because of its large audience but also the convenience – consumers can easily use social media to browse as well as buy.  With online promotion comes the rise of Fashion Influencer Marketing. This strategy uses celebrities and popular accounts to promote their products. This not only engages with a wider audience but uses influencer-follower engagement to promote and sell their products.

This is a successful promotion technique but it can be dangerous in promoting products that are detrimental to the environment, to thousands of people. Fast Fashion and its effect on the environment is being discussed more; however, this isn’t stopping its popularity. Influencers need to be more careful in which brands they choose to promote, and perhaps use their platform to tell their followers about the dangers of Fast Fashion, as well as promoting sustainability.

As more and more brands are including more sustainable products, the fight against Fast Fashion is getting stronger. But, there is still a numb side to social media in which some influencers do not understand or know the effects of what they promote. Lucy Siegle’s article for The Guardian provides an interesting insight into how influencers can be educated about Fast Fashion and their consumption of such products, therefore combatting Fast Fashion instead of promoting it.

It will be a tough battle to win and it seems as though the brands aren’t going to stop any time soon. In February, Kim Kardashian uploaded this photo to Twitter, condemning Fast fashion brands that rip off designs and sell them cheaply:

Yes, most people can’t afford these products but it is to the detriment of the environment that these products are being remade and sold on Fast fashion sites. Not only does this technique rip off designers, but it destroys the environment in the process. We need more sustainable processes, more sustainable products, and we need to stop this trend of fast throwaway fashion.

I believe social media users and influencers need to be aware of what products are being promoted to them and whether these products are made sustainably. Fast Fashion brands will not stop on their own accord, so it is up to users and influencers to combat them. Buy less, promote sustainability, and think about what the clothes you are thinking of buying have done to the environment.

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