Brand watch: WEARETALA

WEARETALA is a sustainable fashion brand launched in 2019 by Youtuber and Businesswoman Grace Beverley. Grace is known for her lifestyle videos on YouTube and her vegan lifestyle has certainly been translated into her new business. Despite only being launched in April, the popularity for the activewear has been astounding. With a launch that had 10,000 orders in 30 minutes, TALA is quickly becoming one of the biggest online activewear brands out there.

What stands out to me about TALA is that it is 100% sustainable, ethical and has placed itself in the fast-fashion market – a big risk. Grace uploaded an Instagram yesterday announcing their biggest relaunch yet – 25,000 items – and she gave an insight into just how hard being a sustainable brand is in today’s industry of fast fashion:

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our biggest restock ever. tomorrow. 1pm BST. @wearetala [👇🏼update] the months since TALA launched have been the most challenging, insightful, stressful, rewarding of my life. we had more growing pains than any of us could’ve imagined, even our most experienced staff. it turns out that launching a sustainable, ethical, on trend start-up in a fast fashion, low price industry with 100x more demand than we could ever afford to meet is, um, close to impossible? we’ve done our utmost to ensure that we get there, to demonstrate to the industry that we can place ethics over wanting everything here + now for unsustainably low prices, in a world where we prefer to harm people we can’t see so that we can pay less + buy more. we’ve changed fulfilment centres (unheard of whilst operating, due to moving and relogging every one of thousands of stock items, changing all staff + essentially grinding to a very high pressure halt for better future operations), we changed entire customer service teams, we’ve hired countless staff members from start to management level + we’re not done yet. we CHOSE to place ourselves in a fast fashion industry to give people the option of engaging in the fashion industry without compromising ethics, sustainability or style. we CHOSE to market ourselves like fast fashion activewear, to attract demand, hoping that if you present people great quality, ethical pieces at the same price as their other options, the alternative wouldn’t bear considering – WHY would you purchase fast fashion: items made in sweatshops, causing huge pollution when for the same price you could avoid the above? we often feel that in a fast fashion industry we are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, but that’s okay. we know that it’s the hole that needs to change, + with your help we are changing it. having over 25K items in one drop is HUGE for us, not to mention an enormous investment. to put it in perspective, it costs us close to what you pay per item to produce so …. issa lot and it’s TERRIFYING, especially with all our new teams and processes, but we’re so excited SEE YOU THERE MY BABIES 🤩🤪💦

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The brand markets cleverly, using tactics that fast fashion brands use in order to create a big demand. Their Instagram is aesthetic and prides itself on inclusivity, drawing in a wide target market. The marketing also feels quite intimate, with clips inside the factory, showing each step in their production process. From the old t-shirts and fabrics, we see the being shredded, upcycled into new, flattering, and quality clothing. The clothes are made from old plastic bottles and factory offcuts but what I find most innovative is that the consumers can send their old clothes to TALA to be made into new garments. I’m going to link Grace’s video all about the sustainability below because it is a very interesting watch.

The thoughtfulness of TALA is what really appeals to me; from the 100% recycled plastic packaging and embroidered washing instructions, to the plantable tag made from hemp twine; every step is ethical and sustainable….and it is affordable. The prices match other activewear brands, so why not shop somewhere that sells clothes at the same price whilst also helping the environment?

TALA uses Q-Nova, a sustainable nylon, made with the aim to reduce CO2 and water consumption. Q-Nova is lightweight and breathable, making it a perfect fabric for activewear. Working with innovative companies like Q-Nova means that TALA is a brand that is the first of its kind. With diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability at its core, there is no shopping guilt when buying the products. I’m eager to see what the brand releases in the future.

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