We are 9 days into September, and Oxfam’s #SecondHandSeptember is in full swing. I first heard of this campaign at Glastonbury. We were approached by a couple of women who were promoting the campaign, and we got chatting with them all about ethical and sustainable fashion. Time has flown by and we’re already over a week into the campaign, and I’ve loved looking at the hashtag on Instagram to see what people have done in support of it.

Oxfam launched this campaign to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of fast fashion. Shopping second hand for 30 days gives clothes a longer life and can make for a fun DIY project – thrift and upcycle! Not only do you get the satisfaction of shopping sustainably, but if you upload your second-hand buys using the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, you could win one of their weekly prizes.

One thing I love and definitely need to do more of is thrifting. When I was scrolling through Instagram earlier, I came across this post by Fashion Revolution (who you should all follow btw):

Not only does thrifting save you money but it saves clothes that were destined for landfill. Thrifting can uncover some absolute gems – I bought two of my favourite jackets from thrift shops and they are perfect for an autumn/winter night clubbing. I also give old clothes that I no longer wear or that don’t fit me anymore to charity shops. I think it’s a great alternative if you don’t think they suitable to sell.

This #SecondHandSeptember, I’m planning on not buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories at all. But, if I’m craving a shopping trip, I’ll be popping into my local charity and thrift shops to see if I can find any treasures.

Happy thrifting!

S x

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