Brand Watch: TENCEL

This Brand Watch post is a little different. Instead of a clothing brand, I’m going to be talking about a brand that produces Lyocell and modal fibres that are made into fabrics for clothes. I can hear you asking what on earth is lyocell and modal? Well, I had the same question and I’ll hopefully dissect my research and translate it into layman’s terms. (Tencel is another name for Lyocell but is also the brand name for the company Lenzing).

What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a manufactured fibre. It is similar to cotton and linen and can have a similar texture to leather, suede, and even silk.  Tencel produces their Lyocell fibres from sustainably sourced wood. The process of making Lyocell is more expensive than cotton but is more eco-friendly. The process involves using a substance that dissolves cellulose which is found in all plant cells. The product of this dissolving can then be made into man-made fibres. This process is also used to make paper. These fibres can then be combined with other textiles. Tencel says that ‘Lyocell fibres lead to their great strength, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to skin.’

What is Modal?

Modal is a type of rayon (a versatile fibre). Modal is produced by spinning cellulose that had previously restored back into its original state. It is mainly made from beech trees. Like Lyocell, it can be mixed with other fibres (cotton/spandex). Modal is a stronger fibre – it can be tumble dried and machine washed without creating bobbles or snags. Tencel produces Modal fibres to ‘improve [the] softness and comfort of the fabrics.’

Are these fibres more sustainable?

The simple answer is yes. I went onto Tencel’s website to see how these fibres are more sustainable. The production of these fibres is integrated into the natural cycle. If you want to find out more about the process then I’ll leave a link here.

These fibres are made into so many different items of clothing. Not only are the fibres eco-friendly, but the fabrics they are made into last longer and have beneficial properties to the consumer.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post!

S x


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