My London Fashion Week with Fashion Scout

This is going to be a long one so prepare yourself.

A week ago, I tweeted that I really wanted to go to London Fashion Week, but as a recent graduate that is currently unemployed, the prospect of going was very slim. As much as I wanted to go, I couldn’t really justify forking out over £100 to go. Later that evening, I got a message inviting me to Fashion Scout’s LFW event with Toni & Guy. Not only would I get the opportunity to see couture designers, but I would be given a hair treatment by Toni & Guy beforehand. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Harriet for inviting me, it was an incredible experience and I am very blessed that she thought to ask me. (I’ll tag her Instagram and Blog at the end of this post).

As I said in a previous post, I’m not shopping for the month of September. So, I decided to root through my wardrobe for something Fashion Week appropriate. I came across a Jaded LDN suit I had worn to a University Boat party and knew that it would be perfect. I paired the blazer and trousers with a black crop top and AJ Voyage boots. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, so heels weren’t an option for me. When I bought this suit, I contemplated sending it back because I thought ‘when am I ever going to wear this again?’ But, I thought that one day I would regret not having such a stunning piece in my closet, and vowed to wear it at every opportunity I got.

On the second day, I woke up with an idea for an outfit. I was planning on wearing a floral pink dress with my AJ Voyage boots. It was just my luck that the dress was super short. I wasn’t prepared to get my bum out at LFW, so I put it in my donations pile and searched for more options. I was back to square one and tried on another 3 outfits with no success. I think another closet cleanse is in need, and I guarantee there will be a big pile that will go to charity shops and to companies that will recycle and re-use the fabrics. I finally settled on an Urban Outfitter jumpsuit that was at the bottom of my drawer. It never crossed my mind to wear it to LFW, but with my boots, it was actually perfect. The jumpsuit was a good combination of smart and casual and was also super comfy. I love the pattern on the fabric, so I am thinking of making it into a co-ord rather than a jumpsuit. But with no experience with textiles and design, I’m going to have to do major research before I make the first cut. If I’m successful, I will definitely write a post about how I did it (unlikely – I’ll probably send it to a seamstress because I have no idea where to start). I found the jumpsuit online but unfortunately, it’s no longer available.

Outfit Repeating isn’t bad, it shows that not only can you style outfits in a number of ways, but you care about the environment and give your clothes the life that it should have.

Now onto the important bit – the designers.

Simon Mo

Graduating with a BA in Womenswear from Central Saint Martins in 2012, Simon Mo is a unique designer that is inspired by nature and eco-friendly fashion. He is an environmentalist and is against the use of real fur for fashion. His SS20 show was bright and colourful, with the models having a fun, crimped hairstyle with neon coloured hairbands. Some wore light-up glasses which added to this bright theme. The glittery make-up with the starry clothing and the pyjamas with slippers was the perfect depiction of ‘The End of the Night.’

The event on Sunday was ‘Seven Continents of Fashion.’ This celebrated designers from across the globe, coming together to present their couture womenswear clothes.

In Couture by Kiwi

This Turkish brand showcased their ‘Velvet’ collection at this year’s LFW. It celebrated feminine women with a collection of evening gowns that we absolutely stunning. The detail and talent that went into designing and creating this collection was inspiring. The dresses certainly left an impression – I can’t stop thinking about them!

By Thaher

Thaher Baqer is from Kuwait, and he presented his ‘Private Collection’ this year. It is inspired by the 1920’s and again, celebrates luxury womenswear. Like In Couture, Baqer focussed on femininity and the beauty of the female body.


This Indian brand is named after the Hindu God of War. The clothes presented were classic Indian styles and patterns but with a touch of modernity. Fashion Scout describes this debut collection as ‘heavily inspired by its founder’s dabble in theatre and film.’

Nila Baharuddin

Making her debut at London Fashion Week AW19, Nila Baharuddin is an international designer and visual merchandiser. Her SS20 collection is a sustainable eco-positive collection called ‘Issues.’ Like the other designers, this collection empowers and celebrates women. She represents different cultures, with modesty of Muslim clothing as well as Indonesian design elements. It shows the variety of femininity in a sustainable way, which was incredible to see.

The whole weekend was amazing, and it was so exciting to see designers that have created collections with sustainability in mind. I hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely enjoyed writing it! Here’s to the first of many more Fashion Weeks!

S x

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