Striking, Stopshop, & (not) shopping

After my time at the Sustainable Fashion Event, I decided to spend the next day with my best friend looking around Brick Lane (shoutout to Kathy for housing me for the evening). I’d been to Brick Lane before, but never really to thrift shop. On Friday (20th), it was the first day of the Global Climate Strike, so on our way to Brick Lane, we decided to pop by and see what was going on.

Climate Strike

I anticipated that Westminster would be busy, so it was no surprise that when we arrived at the Tube station, it was rammed. As soon as we stepped off the Tube, we saw signs and schoolkids striking, and it immediately put a smile on my face. I’ve seen quite a few people online saying that these kids should be in school. but it seems obvious as to why they aren’t. They’re striking because it depends on their future. What is a few days off school when our whole ecosystem is failing? I was also happy to see schools at the strike, sending a clear message to the government and those in power that schools are supporting their students. We decided to sit down outside of Parliament and just watch the world go by. We saw so many amazing signs and were really happy to see so many people coming together. But, it was bittersweet. Sat next to us was a child with her family and she was holding a sign. As soon as we saw the sign, it hit us. We’re striking for our future. If change doesn’t happen now, then we won’t be around for long. Seeing that child and her sign was very poignant and we asked for a photo – they agreed. I also saw a sign protesting fast fashion and had to take a photo for this post.

It’s hard to stay hopeful in times like these, but seeing so many people coming together was really really nice. Some say that ignorance is bliss, and reading about the statistics is chilling, but there’s no time to be ignorant. We have to educate ourselves and others and make enough noise so those in power listen.

Brick Lane 4Brick Lane 8

Brick Lane Vintage Market

I’m proud to say I stuck to my vow of not shopping this month, but I have to admit that I was so tempted. There will definitely be plenty more trips to Brick Lane and more thrift shops closer to home once this month ends. I contemplated writing this post when I didn’t actually buy anything, but I wanted to talk about what I saw on my trip. I’ve spoken a little about thrifting before and how there should be a stigma around buying ‘second-hand.’ I think it’s becoming more popular to shop on sites like depop and find treasures in charity and vintage stores. I found a few gems on my trip that I wanted to talk about.

On one stall, I saw old Ralph Lauren shirts that had been made into pinafore dresses. I saw (and loved) the basketball jerseys that had been made into co-ords. My all-time favourite thrift shop items are the button-down shirts that have been cropped and elasticated at the bottom. The classic tartan trousers are one of my favourites along with the embroidered and painted denim and leather jackets.

These clothes aren’t only given a new lease of life but they’ve been upcycled into unique pieces. It was so cool to see so many amazing pieces but it was soo hard to not buy anything. With one more week left of no shopping, I am counting down the days until I can start thrifting. But, as I add to my wardrobe, I need to do a cleanse. I’m going to be starting a depop this week and I want to start upcycling my clothes. I was never the best at textiles at school, but it’s a little challenge to myself I guess.

I got a few photos throughout the day that I thought I’d share:



This was such a good day and even though I didn’t buy anything, I thought I’d share it with you all 🙂 Hope you enjoyed and hopefully there will be more posts about my future finds at thrift stores.

S x

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