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Founded in 2017, Owe Nothing But Love is already making moves in the fashion industry. As a young creative, Faisal is constantly learning to navigate such a challenging industry, but his determination and the talented team behind the brand are paving the way to a very a successful business. Supporting small businesses in this uncertain time is so important, so I sent Faisal some questions to find about more about ONBL’s latest relaunch.

How did ONBL start?

My brother, Tola, founded ONBL in 2017. He could no longer do it so I took it into my own hands and relaunched it as creative director and designer. Tola is in charge of the marketing aspect, whilst I work on the designing team with my girlfriend, Debbie.

When did you know you wanted to relaunch, and what was the inspiration behind it?

After a brief hiatus, I decided it was time to relaunch. My inspiration comes from the bible scripture Romans 13:8: ‘Owe no man anything, but to love one another.’ This scripture encapsulated everything I believe in. It highlights what humanity should be, [and] it communicates that loving one another is what you should do above all else. We wanted to spread that message of unconditional love through our minimalistic designs.

What challenges have you faced as a young entrepreneur in the fashion industry?

If I am being totally honest, one of the biggest challenges when relaunching has been finances. Given that I was fired during a pandemic, keeping finances up to support a business was extremely difficult. When the world was so unsure what the future would look like, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was proving difficult at times. I had to learn to be patient and it was through this that I learnt the real meaning of trusting in God and His timing.

What is it like navigating such a challenging space?

It’s been difficult at times, but no less difficult than expected. Coming from a background with no experience in the fashion industry, it meant I made many mistakes. These mistakes often cost money and time, but I knew it was needed. However, it was exciting because I could feel myself growing and progressing as I learnt new things – and I am still learning.

What was the idea behind the relaunch promo video?

I wanted the promo video to be an accurate representation and introduction to the brand and what it’s about. We sample a great piece about love from the words of Kendrick Lamar, [which] immediately exhibits the ethos of our brand.

We’re living in such uncertain times, and it’s so important to support small businesses. How important is it to invest in small and black-owned businesses?

I think people often forget that big businesses were once small businesses. With the exception of hard work and dedication, they grow from engagement and support of others and I feel like that’s what we should do for one another.

Being a young black man from Peckham, I grew up in the midst of many black businesses and that has definitely had an influence on my love for the community. The way I see it is every industry is already challenging, why make it more challenging for a community that has already been put as a disadvantage by not supporting them?

What’s next for ONBL?

More love and more clothes man! We want to release more pieces, completing our A/W collection. In the near future, we’re looking to start some outreach programmes, connecting with charities that we’d love to support.


Website: ONBL

Instagram: @owenothingbutlove

Twitter: @onblofficial

Thank you Faisal for answering my questions and I’m looking forward to seeing ONBL thrive!

S x

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