Sustainable Development and its Obstacles

The complexity of sustainable development sparks a lot of conversation within the fashion industry. The everchanging attitudes from businesses and consumers means that businesses are being forced to transition to more sustainable practices.

The impact of smaller businesses is just as valued and important as larger businesses despite the odds being stacked against them. The major obstacle for smaller businesses is expense. Transitioning to sustainable materials isn’t cheap, but the long term benefits are worth it. At first, smaller businesses may not be able to make the huge impact that bigger businesses can, but small changes and transparency will push them in the right direction and attract likeminded consumers. This transparency and drive to become more sustainable will gain trust from consumers who are now looking for ethical brands to invest in.

The covid-19 pandemic has put a pause on the industry’s shift towards sustainability; however, people who have been furloughed, made redundant, or working from home have more time to reassess priorities. The conversations surrounding climate change have been rife throughout this year and many consumers have had time to watch documentaries and read about sustainable practice. This shifts direction towards small and sustainable businesses, and in turn this will mean that other companies will follow suit.

Forbes‘ article highlights how the pandemic will force the industry to become sustainable. BCG’s partner, Sarah Willersdorf says the ‘global sales are down 30-40%.’ She continues by saying that despite sustainability being paused, the industry should use this time to strategise ways to accelerate it instead. It isn’t just consumers who have changed attitudes, but employees as well. More people want to work with likeminded companies, so it is now down to the companies to change. It’s time for the industry to move towards more sustainable practice and ‘secure its economic future.’

S x

(I’ve been quite absent from my blog over the past couple of months for various reasons, but during that time I was still contributing to Luxiders sustainable magazine and had another print article published with them. Head over to Luxiders to see what I’ve been writing!)

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